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Hello! I’m T.J. and here are a few things about me.

First and foremost I am father to four children, they are incredible and inspire me daily. I enjoy cooking, the outdoors, movies, music, history, comedy and lots of other things. I am Pittsburgh born and raised. I am a glass half-full kind of person and I love life.
My work is my passion, I am an entrepreneur, consultant and designer.  I specialize in marketing strategy, I help your company come up with the best plan to meet your goals by using combinations of social media, Facebook ads, email marketing and other digital mediums.
I am always looking for new opportunities or to learn something new so if you have questions/comments or see potential for a collaboration, please get in touch!




A lot of small business don’t efficiently use social media or digital marketing because they…

Website Reviews

Our team will review your entire website (not just the homepage) and provide a PDF…


I work with a very talented team of graphic designers, web developers and illustrators. While…



Case Study

Case study

Geofilter XYZ

Geofilter XYZ is a company that I founded in 2016 that specializes in creating custom Snapchat Filters for occasions and brands. Since launch in Spring of 2016 we have designed thousands of Geofilters that have been viewed of 4 million times by people all over the world.

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A few common falsehoods about social media marketing

A few common falsehoods about social media marketing When it comes to social media there are a lot of misconceptions. It is important to consider the following falsehoods when planning a strategy for your business. False: You need to be…

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